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Anthony P.

Anthony P.
I felt the first symptoms of Lyme Disease about 3 years ago. I was feeling extremely lethargic on a daily basis. This was very unlike me. I attributed it to other things and let it go on for a few months.
Finally, I sought out treatment. My doctor’s P.A. ordered some blood tests but no follow up was taken by my doctor’s office.

I eventually sought out another doctor who ordered some additional tests. The results were positive and I was put on antibiotics. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease Babesia, which is a parasitic condition related to Lyme.

Currently, I am not on any medication.

Initially, Lyme Disease was affecting my daily routine. While it did not affect my family directly, it did slow me down. I especially noticed it at work and was worried mainly because I did not know what it was!

However, once diagnosed and treated [with the antibiotics], I did start feeling better and resumed my normal routine. Even now, though, there are times when I am feeling tired that I wonder if it’s truly “out” of my system.

Prevention to me is most important. Everyone should learn how to prevent Lyme Disease. If you suspect you are infected, then seek treatment immediately (unlike me)! Educate yourself and your family because the medical community is not very aggressive about it.

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