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6th Annual Holiday Sampler Fair

Join us at the 6th Annual Holiday Sampler Fair presented by Voices Against Lyme Disease. All handmade crafts by local artisans! On Saturday, November 18th from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm at the Gym at 599 Matianuck Ave. in Windsor. Free admission and free parking! Questions call: Bonnie at 860-930-2446 or Robin at 860-965-2344.

Kid's Brochure

We have exciting news to share with you. We are creating our own Kid's Brochure!

This is a fun information awareness and education brochure that we will be utilizing as we continue reaching out to classrooms, scouts, campers and counselors. We expect our brochure to be completed and ready to share by March 2023!

Watch for future updates!

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Hello everyone! An update on our support group. Please note, we will be continuing with our support groups but they will not be in person over the next few sessions. They will be thru our zoom meetings. LP Wilson in Windsor will be closed on weekends for the next few weeks. therefore the zoom sessions are necessary. If you are interested in joining this group, our group meets on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. We begin at 10:00am. Please call Bonnie at 860-930-2446 and we will invite you to the group. Thank you. Stay safe!

CDC undercount lyme disease
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CDC lyme disease undercount

Here are Four Things You Can Do For Your Friends With Lyme Disease During the Holidays! Have a look and your friends and family will thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Here is a link to instructions for sending in a (previously engorged) tickfor testing.The instructions and form are also available on our website. Please consider having the tick tested if you find one on you, a family member or pet. It will be helpful in your discussion with a doctor if symptoms occur.

Please donate today and support our very important mission to prevent lyme disease!



In a bipartisan effort to improve research, prevention, diagnostics, and treatment for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, U.S. Senators Susan Collins (ME) and Tina Smith (MN), introduced the Ticks: Identify, Control, and Knockout (TICK) Act.

The bill was recently signed into law! Named The Kay Hagan TICK Act, the law is aimed at improving the government’s response to Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. The TICK Act is named after former Senator Kay Hagan, who died in October due to Powassan virus, a tick-borne infection.

It provides $150 million for various activities related to Lyme and other vector-borne diseases. Read the full article


Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center developed a questionnaire for clinicians and researchers called the GSQ-30 that's able to assess the multi-symptom burden in Lyme disease patients and the effectiveness of treatment. Read the full article

In 2019, we helped prevent lyme disease at 6 summer kids' camps, donated 25 prevention books to Windsor schools, gave 65 presentations to local companies and their employees, and informed over 4,100 people about lyme disease prevention!

 75,000 children are diagnosed with Lyme Disease 
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"It was a great pleasure having Bonnie bring her presentation to a group of 40 campers this summer.We hope to have Bonnie return ... to educate our children on how to stay as healthy as possible while still staying active and enjoying the outdoors!"

- Jen Filer, Recreation and Sport Programmer

Children's Lyme Disease Network
The powerful infographic in the slider above is from the Children's Lyme Disease Network that shows the impact lyme disease has on children's lives.

Physical and Integrative Medicine Associates

37 years ago Dr. Walter Ialacci started his practice in Windsor and hasn’t stopped since.

“Dr. Ialacci is a certified ‘Backsafe’ injury prevention specialist and has worked on projects with Pratt & Whitney, the United States post office, United Airlines, and numerous smaller area businesses. ‘The highest calling of a specialty is to effectively prevent what it treats.’” He has many high level post doctoral trainings and certifications. He’s on different associations and was proud to be the state representative for the American Association for professional ringside physicians for many years.

He and his incredibly friendly team have many services to offer at Physical and Integrative Medial Associates, LLC on 88 DayHill Road in Windsor. They accept insurance and work with you on costs. The various services not only include the regular spinal manipulations but, orthotics, physiotherapy, massage, decompression, many soft tissue techniques (like Graston and Active release technique), and more. My favorite is his extensive knowledge and ability in acupuncture. He has had many teachings from various doctors on the topic from both eastern and western philosophies. He has helped me on and off for decades. My pain and discomfort from my Lyme and other tickborne illnesses are helped and sometimes alleviated by his work. He also has cold laser therapy which is known to help Lyme patients as well.

The best thing is his listening spirit. Dr Ialacci listens to you and believes in how you feel. Unlike other docs and chiropractic services Dr I believes that Lyme is a disease that can hurt you for life if not taken care of early on. He doesn’t treat you like you’re crazy when the pain is in different spots on different occasions either. He is a champion for your desire for comfort when it’s hard to come by.

Not only am I hooked on his family like atmosphere and his complete caring mentality from every staff member there but he is someone that has testimonials from various doctors all over. Very few people have this in their repertoire but Dr Ialacci is special in a great way where he is recognized by even his peers as someone who does great work and who makes sure that his work is accessible to everyone.

Please go to his link on this page and make an appointment. Check out his services, testimonials and his history. You too will love those times of quiet, calm and healing.



Darren M Waterhouse


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