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Incredibly Grateful

"I have learned so much and am incredibly grateful for the work VALD does in bringing awareness and information regarding Lyme Disease and co-infections to communities all across Connecticut. Thank you VALD!"

- Robin Neary

Prevention Information - So Important

It was a great pleasure having Bonnie Waterhouse, co-founder of Voices Against Lyme Disease, bring her presentation to a group of 40 campers this summer at Sunrise Park in Suffield, CT. Bonnie’s experience allows her to deliver this important message in an engaging and informative way, while tailoring the program to adapt to this elementary school age group. The campers went away with information on how to identify ticks and valuable Lyme Disease prevention tips. We hope to have Bonnie and her message return to our camps for many years, as we want to educate our children on how to stay as healthy as possible while still staying active and enjoying the outdoors!

Jen Filer, CPRP
Recreation and Sport Programmer
Town of Suffield

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