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Prevention is Preferable to Treatment

Prevention is Preferable to Treatment
by Fred Grilli, Director of Prevention for Voices Against Lyme Disease CT

I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a naturopathic physician. The following comments are for information only and may not reflect the beliefs of everyone.

I have spent many years researching and studying how to keep our bodies as healthy as possible.
We need to personally take responsibility for our health and wellbeing, especially when it comes to tick borne diseases. Prevention is always preferable to treatment.

Much is available for protection and prevention. Treatment of clothes, sprays, daily tick checks and common sense as you become aware of your surroundings. Our website provides many suggestions on the prevention and protection against ticks and tick borne illnesses.

Just as important, consider your immune system!

Many Lyme disease sufferers never saw or felt the tick that bit them. If this is true, and we know it is, maybe people also get bit by infected ticks and don’t get as sick as others. Why? Our immune system is very capable of keeping us healthy……If it isn’t overloaded, especially with toxins. Because we live in a very toxic environment we need to help support the immune system. Real food, clean water, sunshine, fresh air, these are key to a healthy immune system. We should also consider detoxing.

Detoxing. The word conjures up thoughts of fasting and extended use of the bathroom. Dr. Loraine Day stated, "eating a healthy diet has detoxing effects on the body”. Also movement exercises such as walking, rebounding, Tai Chi and Yoga all help our lymph system function better.

Many studies have been done on infrared saunas with amazing positive results. It is not only relaxing and helps to de-stress, it is known to be a pain reliever, it increases circulation and will help to boost the immune system.

The choice is ours depending on our lifestyle. Let’s choose good health. Thank you.

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