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Important Tick Info and Lyme Disease Stats

Important Tick Info and Lyme Disease Stats
  • Lyme Disease is not just a New England problem 
  • Lyme Disease is in every state and every country except Antarctica 
  • Key states with the highest number are Minnesota, Michigan, CT, PA, NY, NJ and ME 
  • There are 300,000-400,000 new cases of Lyme Disease each year 
  • 25% of these cases are children ages 5-14 years old 
  • This equates to 4 school buses of children each day diagnosed with this disease 
  • Lyme Disease is at Epidemic Proportions 
  • Lyme Disease is 6X more common than HIV/AIDS and 2X more common than breast cancer 
  • Lyme Literate Doctors claim 60% of those patients with Lyme Disease also have another co-existing tick borne illness. 
  • New types of ticks are being discovered each year that are carrying different life threatening illnesses 
  • Only 35-40% of the people ever get a rash and fewer ever see the tick 
  • Ticks use an adhesive to attach themselves to their host (animal or human) 
  • Ticks numb the area where they are engorging so it is difficult to feel them 
  • If undiagnosed or misdiagnosed Lyme Disease can be a lasting debilitating illness that can affect any or every organ in the body 
  • The medical expenses not covered while combating Lyme Disease can bring financial ruin to families. 
  • Workplace productivity by individuals trying to work while suffering with Lyme Disease can drop considerably or even require family leave or chronic absenteeism.

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