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Legislating a Time fo Lyme Awarness

Legislating a Time fo Lyme Awarness
Here's a recap of our visit to the Hartford Legislative Office on Wednesday, March 22, 2018.

Fred Grilli and Bonnie Waterhouse, members of Voices Against Lyme Disease CT met with Rep Christie Carpino while at the state capital. Rep Carpino from Dist 32 and Rep Genga from Dist 10 are co-sponsoring a bill that includes the State of CT to set aside a time for Lyme Disease Awareness. Currently May is the National month for Lyme Disease Awareness. Here is an excerpt of the bill:

The Governor shall proclaim the month of May of each year to be Lyme Disease Awareness Month to heighten public awareness of the associated presentation and available treatments for Lyme disease. Suitable exercises may be held in the State Capitol and elsewhere as the Governor designates for the observance of the month.

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