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Important Info for Businesses

Important Info for Businesses
  • Non profit 501c3 all volunteer organization based in Windsor, CT 
  • We exist solely thru contributions by individuals, businesses and small grants
  • Reaches out to all CT towns to provide tick awareness and prevention programs which includes, individuals, families, organizations, businesses, civic organizations and municipalities. 
  • Voices Against Lyme Disease CT has approximately 60 events each year and reaches over 5000+ people through presentations, information booths, radio and newspaper interviews and articles. 
  • 2019 special focus has been tick awareness programs for 3rd graders in Windsor. Poster contest and award program was part of the May tick awareness month ceremony 
  • VALD CT donated new updated books regarding ticks and Lyme Disease to each school as well as the Windsor Public Library 
  • 75,000 children in the US each year are diagnosed with Lyme Disease 
  • Lyme Disease is at epidemic proportions 
  • Lyme Disease can be devastating to an individual or family 
  • It can change someone’s life forever 
  • Businesses may lose highly productive staff or managers to this debilitating illness. 
  • Fatigue, depression, pain are common symptoms. 
  • Neurological issues and cognitive abilities can be impaired. 
  • Loss of time at work, higher FML time maybe required 
  • 2020 we hope to continue providing programs to schools, scouts and summer camps while still bringing awareness info to other locations as well 
  • Some Board members attend numerous Lyme Disease Conferences throughout the year. The conferences are 2 or more days in length and have key researchers, scientists, doctors and environmentalists providing up to date info regarding ticks, testing, vaccines and other aspects of tick borne illnesses. These are held in PA, MASS and ME often. The members pay all expenses and the cost of the programs themselves. 
  • We are asking for your help in providing funding for these very important programs in turn as our partner we will have your logo prominently shown on

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