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Mission: Awareness, Education, Prevention

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School Program
Over the last year VALD has focused on visiting the Windsor Schools to meet with students in specific grades to provide awareness, education and prevention programs. What we have learned is our children are very interested, curious and aware of the CT tick environment. Most of these children have seen ticks and many have family members or friends dealing with Lyme Disease. Many of these students have talked with the adults in their households and brought material on tick awareness home to them. They have helped to show the importance of understanding where the ticks are and how they can prevent being bitten. VALD had a poster contest for all 3rd graders to draw the most creative and informational posters regarding ticks and Lyme Disease. These posters were awesome. JFK, Clover and St Gabe's schools received awards and new educational material for the school libraries and media rooms. The Windsor Public Library were also given more up to date books on the subject. In addition the student winners of the poster contest received gift cards! We hope to continue this program in 2020 and to reach out to other towns in the area.
Here are just a few of the posters created in Windsor:


What People Are Saying:
"My first experience with Voices Against Lyme Disease was when a fellow Lymie asked if I would fill in for her giving a talk about my lyme story.  Everyone I met that day was so supportive and welcoming that I didn't hesitate to say "yes" when they asked if I would like to be a part of VALD.  I have learned so much and am incredibly grateful for the work VALD does in bringing awareness and information regarding Lyme Disease and co-infections to communities all across Connecticut.  Thank you,  VALD!" - Robin Neary

Get Involved:
Looking for volunteer opportunities? See our Get Involved page for a list of different ways to support our cause.

Children's Lyme Disease Network
Here is a powerful infographic from the Children's Lyme Disease Network that shows the impact of lyme disease on children's lives.

Children's Lyme Disease Network Infographic


Save the date:  
Saturday November 30th at 9:am
For our Christmas Sampler!
at LP Wilson Senior Center.
Shop for the holidays and support lyme awareness, prevention and education.
Hand crafted items and a teacup auction! 
christmas sampler craft show fundraiser

Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth over the weekend to receive info on awareness and prevention of Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses. We were able to reach out to many families, hunters, and fisherman! Thanks to everyone that volunteered at our booth and to those that visited us!

Here's a recap of our visit to the Hartford Legislative Office on Wednesday, March 22nd.

Fred Grilli and Bonnie Waterhouse, members of Voices Against Lyme Disease CT met with Rep Christie Carpino while at the state capital. Rep Carpino from Dist 32 and Rep Genga from Dist 10 are co-sponsoring a bill that includes the State of CT to set aside a time for Lyme Disease Awareness. Currently May is the National month for Lyme Disease Awareness. Here is an excerpt of the bill:

(NEW) (76) The Governor shall proclaim the month of May of each year to be Lyme Disease Awareness Month to heighten public awareness of the associated presentation and available treatments for Lyme disease. Suitable exercises may be held in the State Capitol and elsewhere as the Governor designates for the observance of the month.


To become the voice of a statewide advocacy program that will provide state officials, civic organizations and Connecticut families with educational information. We will communicate the need for a better awareness and understanding of all Lyme Disease symptoms, the absolute necessity for funding in research as to quality/quantitative testing and cure, historical and more accurate collection of current statewide statistics and a clear picture of short term and possible long term effects and personal costs associated with being affected by Lyme disease and other illnesses transmitted by the same ticks.


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