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When and How To Submit a Tick For Testing

When and How To Submit a Tick For Testing
This information is provided by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Who may submit a tick?

Ticks will be accepted only from residents of CT. Ticks should be submitted by residents to their municipal health depts. The health dept will then submit ticks to the Experiment station with a specific request for identification and/or testing for the causative agents for Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis. Contact info for your local health dept can be found online at: CT Department of Public Health or call the Dept of Public Health at: 860-509-7660.

How much does it cost to have the tick tested?

Tick testing is offered by the CT Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES)as a public service and there is no fee for the tick identification and/or testing. Municipalities or local health depts/districts may charge a nominal fee for handling and mailing though. * As of 2019 the Windsor Health Dept did not charge for handling or mailing the tick to the CAES.

What info should be submitted with the tick?

The CAES tick submission form should be completely filled out and packaged along with the tick. Please read the entire form carefully to ensure you are providing the proper information. Please leave a note if you are submitting more than 1 tick with a single submission form. The form will be found here and can be printed to be include with the tick. Tick Submission form

How should ticks be prepared for sending?

  • Do not place the tick on tape!

  • Tick should be placed in a crush-proof container, but if one is not available a sealed plastic bag will suffice.

  • Do not package the tick in glass or in other fragile containers.

  • The address is listed at the bottom of the submission form.

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