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Darren Waterhouse, MS, NCC, LPC

Darren Waterhouse, MS, NCC, LPC
As a father of 2 children, as well as a husband of my incredibly helpful, loving and caring wife, my plate is full. I am currently employed as a clinical supervisor for a substance abuse clinic in the north-end of Hartford. This position requires a master’s degree in mental health and substance abuse counseling and some clinical background of which I have been counseling in some form for over 10 years. It hasn’t been very easy accomplishing these goals, which brings me back to my supportive wife who is an elementary school teacher recently awarded teacher of the year for her school in Bloomfield.

I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease at 18 years old after a few years of suffering and being in and out of treatment with no diagnosis while being treated as a “med seeker.” In the early 90’s when Lyme was less known than now, my disease was supposedly treated with some IVIG but for only a very short time after which I moved to Florida and it went untreated after another relapse for a few years. In addition, a variety of large doses of antibiotic medications were taken with much of the cost not covered by health insurance. My current symptomology includes Hypertensive Retinopathy, small fiber neuropathy, weekly IVIG treatments for almost a year now, high blood pressure due to coagulation of my blood from the treatments, pain in all areas of my body, poor sleep hygiene and memory issues. This has affected my mobility often needing to use a cane or the inability to move much at all. With a family, a high-stress position and being very active in my church, life isn’t always as fulfilling as one would think but through decades of help from my mother and over a decade from my wife and church and my own spirituality, God has brought me through these situations and ailments with strength. I find it quite special to be a part of a grassroots Lyme awareness organization and even more special that my very loving and supportive mother started this as a way of helping her son and others in a unique and refreshing way.

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